Dimitris Riziotis Publications

1. "Marktbeherrschung und Drittmarkt" (“Market Dominance and Third Markets”, Ph.D. Thesis submitted at the Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, awarded the Law Faculty Prize), Stämpfli 2010.

2. “The application of exhaustion on services revisited”, Zeitschrift für Wettbewerbsrecht 2013, pp. 72-89.

3.“Union Exhaustion and Copyright Law: the Issue of Services” (in Greek), paper submitted at the 21st Commercial Law Conference; published in the volume “The Competitive Activity and its Protection” (in Greek), Nomiki Bibliothiki 2012, pp. 449-476.

4."Efficiency Defence in Art. 82 EC“, in: Mackenrodt/Conde-Gallego/Enchelmaier (Eds.), “Abuse of Dominant Position: New Interpretation, New Enforcement Mechanisms?”, Springer, 2008, pp. 89-115.

5.Comments on the amendment of the Greek Free Competition Act (then law 703/1977) through law 3373/2005 (in German), GRUR Int. 2006, pp. 499-501.

6.Translation into German and Comments on the Decision of the Hellenic Competition Commission 277/IV/2005 “Super Markets” (in German), GRUR Int. 2005, pp. 1034-1039.

7.Comments on the Judgment of the European Court of Justice in the case C-418/01 – "IMS Health", IIC 2004, pp. 571-573 (together with Dr. Beatriz Conde-Gallego).

8.Translation into German and Comments on the Decision of the Hellenic Competition Commission 245/ΙΙΙ/2003 “AEPI” (Collecting Society), GRUR Int. 2004, pp. 966-969.

9."Patent Misuse als Schnittstelle zwischen Patentrecht und Kartellrecht: eine rechtsvergleichende Darstellung" (“Patent Misuse as the Interface between Patent Law and Antitrust: a Comparative Study), GRUR Int. 2004, pp. 367-378.


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  • Dimitris Riziotis
    Dimitris Riziotis

    Dimitris Riziotis (Dr. iur., LL.M.) is attorney-at-law, member of the Athens Bar. He specializes in antitrust, intellectual property and commercial law.


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