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  • Scope of Managers’ Duties and Liability during the financial crisis, 2013 (in Greek)
  • Civil Liability of Banks in the context of payment transactions and funds transfers, Ant. Sakkoulas Publishers, 2007 (in Greek)
  • Utility Models. The right of minor inventions to protection in the framework of Law 1733/1987 (article 19 of Law 1733/1987) (in Greek) – Nomiki Vivliothiki Ch. Karatzas editions, 1999 (in Greek)
  • «Wettbewerbsbeschraekende Massnahmen der Mitgliedstaaten und EWG-Vertrag. Ihre Vereinbarkeit am Beispiel der Banken», Nomos Universitδsschtiften/Recht, αρ. 184, 1995.

Book chapters

  • Agreements that restrict competition by object and effect, in Tzouganatos (eds.) Competition Law, 2013 (in Greek)
  • Contibution (Documentary Credit, Letter of Guarantee, Credit Transfer, Factoring, Leasing) in “Banking Law”, N. Rokas/Gortsos (eds.), 2012 (in Greek)
  • Merger Remedies in the Hellenic Competition Committee’s Practice, contribution at the 21th Hellenic Conference of Greek Commercial Law Attorneys, (Thessaloniki, 2011), published in the Conference Proceedings 2012, Nomiki Vivliothiki editions, p. 237 (in Greek)
  • Competition Law and Financial Crisis, Volume in Honor of Prof. N.Rokas, 2012, p. 519 (in Greek)
  • The Judicial Application of Competition Law in Greece, FIDE XXIV 2010, Vol. 2, p. 231 (in English)
  • Case Allocation in Antitrust and Collaboration between the National Competition Authorities and the European Commission, in Lianos/Kokoris, The reform of EC Competition Law, Kluwer 2010 (in English)
  • Redeemable Shares, in Perakis, L. 2190/1920, Nomiki Vivliothiki 2010 (in Greek)
  • The essence of the Commitments in the Competition legal frame, in Lianos/Kokkoris, 3rd International Conference of Competition, Athens , 2009 (in Greek)
  • Competition and Public Service in Greek Cabottage, in Antapassis/Athanassiou/Rosaeg, Competition and Regulation in Shipping and Shipping Related Industries, 2009 (in English).
  • “Independence of auditors in the framework of business organization” (in Greek), contribution at the 13th Hellenic Conference of Greek Commercial Law Attorneys on “Business organisation of companies with share capital”, (Corfu, 7-9 November 2003), published in the Conference Proceedings 2004, Nomiki Vivliothiki editions, 524 ff (in Greek)
  • Ethics in the financial and stock markets sectors (in Greek), Volume in memory of Prof. Michalis Minoudis, 2004, 433 ff.
  • B2B electronic markets and competition law (in Greek), Volume in Honor of Prof. Lambros Kotsiris, Thessaloniki 2004, 659 ff.; Greek Commercial Law Review 2003, 759 ff.
  • Termination of car insurance policies (in Greek), in Legal Matters of Civil Liability from Road Accidents (in Greek), Ant. Sakkoulas editions, 2004, 197 ff.
  • Interpretation of article 10, Law 2190/1920, (in Greek) Company Law, vol. 2Α, 2003, edited by Ε. Perakis, Nomiki Vivliothiki editions.
  • The participation of shipping company Board members in the Boards of other (shipping) companies from the competition point of view (in Greek), in Shipping Company, Contemporary Matters (in Greek), Ant. Sakkoulas editions, 2003, 89 ff.
  • The position of banks as Investment Firms with regard to the competition law (and the issue of margin account), (in Greek), speech at the 11th Hellenic Conference of Greek Commercial Law Attorneys on “Societe Anonyme and Capital Market”. Investor Protection” (in Greek) (Rhodes 2001), published in the Conference Proceedings, Ant. Sakkoulas editions, 2002, 355 ff.
  • Contribution to the collective work of Company Law (edited by prof. Ε. Peraris), 8th vol., articles 74, 76 and 80 of Law 2190/1920, Nomiki Vivliothiki editions.
  • Unfair Competition Acts in breach of legal commitments (in Greek), in Ν. Rokas, Unfair Competition, Interpretation of individual articles (in Greek), Nomiki Vivliothiki editions, Ch. Karatzas, 1996.
  • “Issues of Business Valuation” (in Greek), speech at the 10th Hellenic Conference of Greek Commercial Law Attorneys, Iraklion, Crete (November 2000), published in the Conference Proceedings, 2001, p. 525.


  • Rejection of complaint, lack of community interest, obligation of motivation: How does that all fit together?, Journal of Competition Law and Practice,  2011 (in English).
  • Criminalization and Competition Law, in Greek Business and Company Law, 2009, 529.
  • Concerted Practices on oligopolistic markets, in Greek Business and Company Law 2009, 471.  
  • The abuse of dominant position under article 2, Law 703/77 (in Greek), Private Law Chronicles VI/2006, 5 onwards.
  • Codes of Ethics in the Insurance Sector, Legal Rules or Rules of Conducts (in Greek), in Greek Private Insurance Law Review 2003, 11 ff.
  • Law of Advertisement and Internet (in Greek), Business and Company Law 2001, p 1091 ff.
  • Application of competition rules to agreements on service providers access to telecom networks (in Greek), Greek Commercial Law Review 2001, issue 3, 436 ff.
  • Biotechnology invention patents (in Greek) (in view of the new Directive on Biotechnology), Greek Commercial Law Review 2000, issue 2, 245 ff.
  • Implementation of competition law to the intellectual property law and, in particular, Copyright collective management organizations (in Greek), Greek Commercial Law Review 1999, 452 ff.
  • “Product Placement” as a form of fair or unfair advertisement (in Greek), in Greek Commercial Law Review 1998, 197 ff.


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