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Banking and Finance Law


Banking and Finance Law is one of our firm’s key areas of expertise. Retaining close links with all major national and international market participants active in the local market, such as credit institutions, financial services providers, regulated issuers, institutional investors and others, our Banking and Finance Law practice offers an in-depth range of services to meet the full spectrum of issues raised before our clients. Having profound knowledge of both local and European legal frameworks, as well as detailed experience in the markets’ rules and interconnections, our Banking and Finance Law practice securely and efficiently guides our clients in the Greek and international capital and money markets.

Financial Services

We are particularly experienced in all fields of Financial Services Law, including those pertaining to market participants (e.g., credit institutions, investment firms, insurance companies, collective investment schemes and consumers), the structuring and distribution of financial products (be they banking, investment, insurance or hybrid products), the microstructure of financial markets and the post-trading activities of market participants (e.g., clearing and settlement of transactions and custodian services). We also work with Greek and foreign regulated entities (such as credit institutions, investment firms, insurance companies and management companies) active within the local market and abroad on their business transactions, advising them on their structures and regulatory obligations. Finally, we maintain close relationships with all relevant Greek authorities and administrations, including the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission and the Bank of Greece.


Dispute resolution within the area of Banking and Finance encompasses the active management of all kinds of conflicts that may arise in relation to banking and financial services operations (e.g., disciplinary/administrative liability, as well as civil or criminal liability). Conflicts may spring from a variety of sources, such as the provision of financial services to clients, the proper clearing and settlement of transactions, the structuring and distribution of products and the production and dissemination of financial analysis and advice. We advocate for our clients at all stages of any given conflict, providing accurate legal risk assessment, representing them before the relevant administrative authorities (such as the Hellenic Capital Markets Commission or the Bank of Greece), advising them in view of realistically advantageous settlements of conflicts and representing them before the Greek judicial authorities of all degrees.

Derivatives & Structured Products

We provide advice on the structuring, documentation, collateralisation and other regulatory issues relating to derivatives and structured products across a variety of asset classes (equity, credit, fixed income, fund, commodity, etc.), as well as repos transactions and securities lending. Our coverage includes the constant monitoring of clients’ obligations deriving from regulatory changes.

Experience includes:

  • The representation of a major ATHEX-listed company regarding a market abuse action brought against it.

  • The provision of advice regarding the management and recovery of investors’ assets following the MF Global collapse in 2011.

  • The provision of ongoing advice to various Greek financial services companies regarding services provided to clients in the post-MiFID landscape, including the drafting of all relevant financial services agreements.

  • The representation of a major Greek financial services company before the Hellenic Data Protection Authority in a case involving the alleged improper use of clients’ sensitive personal data.

  • The production of legal opinions in all areas of Financial Services Law, most notably the handling of clients’ deposits following the collapse of a cooperative bank, the application of the Takeover Law, the liability stemming from the distribution of UCITS units/shares and the application of the MiFID segregation principle following and investment firm’s collapse., ms-law , Staikouras , Mikroulea , Δικηγορικό Γραφείο Μικρουλέα Σταϊκούρας . Δικηγορικό Γραφείο , Μικρουλέα, Σταϊκούρας ,Mikroulea, Staikouras & Associates ,Telephone: +30 213 0247 767 ,+30 213 0247 767 , 213 0247 767 ,Law ,Δικηγόρος Σταϊκούρας , Δικηγόρος Μικρουλέα ,Law Staikouras , Law Mikroulea ,ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION ,BANKING AND FINANCE LAW ,COMPETITION LAW ,ENERGY law , INDUSTRIAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY , CORPORATE LAW ,MERGERS law , ACQUISITIONS law ,Law Staikouras greece, Law Mikroulea greece ,ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION greece ,BANKING AND FINANCE LAW greece ,COMPETITION LAW greece ,ENERGY law greece, INDUSTRIAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY greece , CORPORATE LAW greece ,MERGERS law greece , ACQUISITIONS law greece


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