“We provide a great depth of expertise and a wide range of services, while also maintaining the highest quality standards”

Mikroulea, Staikouras & Associates Law Firm” is a strong, full-service legal team.

Mikroulea, Staikouras & Associates Law Firm was founded in 2013. With their renowned expertise in banking law, securities regulation, competition law and commercial-company law, Mikroulea – Staikouras Law Firm is recognized as a leader in the relevant fields. We provide specialized legal advice as well as high-quality litigation services to a wide range of listed and non-listed companies, financial intermediaries (e.g., banks, investment and insurance companies, collective investment schemes), individuals and international investors. Moreover, our experienced associates are well-equipped to provide high quality legal advice and advocacy in any civil litigation or dispute resolution matter, so as to best represent the interests of our clients. In dealing with your case, our firm and associates will work closely with you and devote a great deal of time to the understanding of your needs and circumstances, as well as to the handling and representation of your case. We pride ourselves on the level of personal attention we are able to devote to our cases and to the track record of success that has been established by our approach. We also proudly choose to be boutique in size so as to provide our clients’ with personable and value advice.